How To Shave With Homemade Waxing

The hair removal is a practice now widespread ever, not only in women but also for men. It become part of our lives. In market there are lots of products to perform a waxing removal of hair.

There are people who prefer not to take an appointment with the beautician, because of lack of time or because she wants to save money, decided to rely on waxing done at home. On the Internet there are many recipes to comfortably prepare a waxing at home, using only natural and economic products, which are not lacking in your kitchen.

Elements needed for homemade waxing

  • honey
  • water
  • sugar
  • lemon juice
  • wooden or metal spatula
  • depilatory strips
  • old sheet
  • talcum powder
  • oil or moisturizer

Methods of hair removal is to switch on your lap or any part of the body you decided to remove the hair

The main elements that make up a waxing done at home, almost always have sugar, honey and lemon juice. Very important in the preparation of homemade waxing is the consistency that it must be able to obtain, given not only the cooking time of the wax but also by the way in which the ingredients are able to melt and to amalgamate between them. The waxing done at home will be ready when it begins to take on a golden honey color. Once you have finished preparing our waxing done at home, you can move on to the actual hair removal.

Ways to shave your legs, arms, or genitals

You can use the classic depilatory strips or you can resort to the method itself and known as the Arab hair removal. Let us analyze both modes.

The classic hair removal is done with the use of the famous depilatory strips, or that you can find in supermarkets or aesthetics shops. This hair removal is widespread. The first thing to do for both methods of hair removal is to switch on your lap or any part of the body you decided to remove the hair, baby powder. In this way you will avoid that waxing can irritate the skin and they are out redness or ingrown hairs. Through the use of talcum powder, the tear will be much more soft and muffled.

Once this practice, you can spread the homemade wax on the legs or arms, through the use of a wooden spatula or metal. You need to spread the wax on the leg in order to create a long strip about 10-12 cm wide about 5 cm.

The wax must be stretched in the direction of the hair. Once the wax lying, you must take the strips and place that you bought on it instead of the strips already cut, you can also buy a roll, so you can cut them according to the size you need. If you want to save even on the strips, you can use an old sheet of cotton, that you may not use more. From this sheet, you must determine the strips, the same size as those on the market. When the strip is applied, through a purposeful movement, you must “tear” from the leg, following the direction of the hair. Many tend to pull against the direction of hair growth. Actually that method tends to lead to the appearance of ingrown hairs. When removing the wax, if you realize that there is still fluff, you can safely draw another layer of wax and pull.

Hair removal through the Arabic method

The Arabic hair removal method differs from the first, as in it there is the practice of “tearing”. It is a much gentler hair removal, which protects the skin, without subjecting it to stress typical of the other depilatory methods. Hair removal in Arabic the important thing at the same time difficult, it is the consistency that must have the wax. Latter must not be very liquid but rather dense, since it will be worked by hand and not applied with a spatula. When the wax has cooled, it will be ready for use.

The first thing to do is mix your hands with water and take a piece of wax.

At this point you just have to go a bit talcum powder on the part of the body to remove the hair and start rolling your wax ball on it. You will see that the passage of the ball of wax, the hair will come off, clinging to it. When the ball will be turned white, it means that its effectiveness is almost over and then you will have to create a new one with the wax that you have prepared. It is a popular method because of its ability to make the skin more smooth and even eliminate ingrown hairs. After the removal of hair, wash the the treated area with fresh water and apply some oil or cream.