How to straighten hair without heat and chemical therapy

Would you like to know how to straighten hair without heat? At the time of performing this operation we usually resort to the famous hair straighteners, which through the application of heat allows us to wear a straight and shiny mane. But this method involves a problem, and is that the abuse of these tools can cause significant damage to the hair fiber . Therefore, this time we summarize some tricks to get the hair straightened without an iron and achieve this effect naturally.

However, we must first clarify that these techniques do not offer an optimal result in manes of marked curls . In those cases we will only achieve that our hair is completely smooth by heat tools, although we can largely undo the curls following these little tips.

 It is an important rule for hair to continue to grow with healthy ends. The same when you want to go from short hair to long hair

Special shampoo and conditioner

For starters, when straightening hair without heat , we will have to use a special shampoo and conditioner or mask for straight hair It is also important that we untangle the hair thoroughly before washing it with a wooden brush, to avoid electricity and with it, the annoying frizz. Once we have washed it, it is recommended to drain it as much as possible and apply some serum or oil to gain an extra softness.

The next step is to thoroughly dry the hair, using a very absorbent towel. We must collect all the hair on the towel without rubbing, as this gesture favors the frizz and the rupture of the hair fiber. It is at this time when we can choose between several options.

Most used techniques

One of the most used techniques to straighten hair without heat is to let the towel absorb moisture until the hair is almost dry (although if we have little time, we can use the cold air of the dryer). Then we divide the hair into several sections and collect them with hairpins, in turn winding the hair over our head in the form of a turban, following a circular pattern. The curls are equally valid in this regard. If we keep this “hairstyle” all night, the next morning we will have smooth hair .

A similar procedure is to divide the hair into two strands and collect them in two low pigtails . We will add elastic bands on them every two centimeters approximately, without exerting too much pressure to avoid the marks. After sleeping all night like this, we will get up with a perfect straightening.

Alternative Tips

Another alternative, although it requires more patience than the previous ones, is to brush the hair until it dries. In addition, we will stretch the strands with our hands frequently and apply a serum or specific oil to add softness and shine. All this without jerking and using a high quality brush.

What do you think of these techniques to straighten hair without heat ?