How to use and combine platform sandals

get a glamorous look with platform sandals with metallic accents

The platform sandals are still the hottest trend in footwear for summer, but despite being so fashionable accessory, not many women know how to use and combine them. In this post I show you how to use and combine the wedge sandal, this shoe so comfortable and versatile.

Platform sandals come in a wide range of styles, textures and colors, so you will surely find a pair of fashion that suits your style of dress and your body type.

No doubt that this is a shoe that favors more short women because the height totaling make the illusion of a slimmer body are sandals that are comfortable all day, and they are perfect with look urban and casual, as there are also arranged for a much more formal and feminine image models.

get a glamorous look with platform sandals with metallic accents

If you’re looking to surprise your look with the patent leather platform sandals can create a perfect match with your favorite jeans. Are also great with dresses or semi-formal clothing prints.

The cork heel footwear is also an excellent choice for this summer season, these shoes goes well with shorts, blouses with ruffles, shirts or dresses. Mix and match these clothes and get to wear a fabulous look divine in the evenings, getaway weekend with friends or casual evening out.

The platform sandals in vibrant colors and prints give a touch of grace to any outfit in neutral colors, you can also choose models that come in animal prints if you are looking for a look with a chic glamour worthy of a true diva.

The platform shoes with ankle straps are wonderful options if you want to have a sleek and sophisticated look. These sandals are not only impressive, but at the same time give fun and originality to your wardrobe also can visually lengthen the legs when used with shorts, mini skirts and mini dresses.

If you have a party at night, get a glamorous look with platform sandals with metallic accents, a electric blue leggings and chiffon blouse in black with metallic trim the same color as the shoes.

As you can see the possibilities for using these types of shoes are endless. To get the best look just follow these recommendations and use your good fashion sense and imagination.

Platform sandals will make you feel very comfortable and safe walking. Choose models in basic colors as well as the basic summer shades and combine them with your clothes to create a super stylish look.

You can have a little originality to your look if you choose to purchase unique designs and platform sandals with attitude.