How to use and how to combine flat sandals with fringe

The fringed sandals are trendy but can not be taken just like that, it is a style that has certain conditions.

Fringed sandals have a very bohemian chic air, so it is important to check both the texture and the height and color palette to match the rest of the outfit.

Moreover, combining this type of footwear the right clothes and accessories is also an additional factor to consider.

Depending on the height of the sandals, several style tips, notes:
High-heeled sandals and fringed suede or leather look great with jeans

Fringed sandals and high heels

They are great because they give length and definition to your legs, but it is important to have the ability to walk with confidence with them because they are really high.

As for the look, the designs are with moderate decoration or more complex designs lend an air the western outfit.

High-heeled sandals and fringed suede or leather , look great with jeans, a blouse or a simple chiffon shirt. Also worn with dresses short, but they have to be toned having an air folk.

Flat sandals with fringe

Fringed flat sandals are popular because they have a comfortable, casual look. They are ideal to wear to the beach or relaxed afternoon walks in the city.

Are great with denim shorts, especially if the sandals are leather or suede. If we add to this look blouse with printed or more colors better.

You can also take them with monkeys or maxi dresses if you want a summery bohemian look good, plus if you add additional accessories appearance will be more chic.

Remember that if you wear sandals with fringe, is that these also are not other accessories such as wallets and handbags.