How To Use Decorated Shirts Collars

The shirts with decorated collars in various styles, with rhinestones, studs, sequins or beads are the latest trend in fashion. These decorations on the collar are the easiest way to give glamour to an outfit. They can be purchased separately as collars and use them with shirts without it, or the garment that comes with this motif.
In this article we share some simple ways to wear this fashion trend to look elegant, chic and feminine.

decorations on the collar are the easiest way to give glamour to an outfit

Decorated collared shirt and jeans

The first option is to wear a collared shirt adorned with your favorite jeans. Make sure your pants not too flashy to preserve the supremacy of the detail on the shirt.

Collared shirt and pencil skirt adorned

A stylish collar shirt with a black pencil skirt is the perfect look to wear in the office. A more conservative environment can opt for a jacket for a more serious image.

Collared shirt and skinny trousers decorated

The perfect look to wear a night out with friends. Opt for a chiffon shirt collar decorated with a cute and tight black pants or jeans. Ponte stiletto heel shoes or boots if it’s cold and you’re ready to dazzle.

Other details you need to consider:

If you have a long hair beyond shoulder carry is collected if you wear a collared shirt adorned so you can fully appreciate this detail.

Another aspect is the jewelry, it has to be very delicate. Earrings should be small and should not wear necklaces or pendants.

Finally, wear the shirt buttoned to the top spends look perfectly decorated neck.