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How to wear high heel Shoes?

A pin, spool, square or hourglass, which are thin or squared, the high heels are a must for every woman: give the figure that not-so-that which makes it more sexy but also more feminine, highlight the body’s silhouette (not only that) and give an added value to your pace. Of course, men love them, although for those who are not accustomed to portals are a real instrument of torture. But learning to walk on “stilts” is not impossible. Here is some little trick to bring a well heel 12 shoes, while maintaining stability and sensuality.

Every woman knows that takes only seconds to fall in love with a shoe. But be careful to not buy wrong shoes

Every woman knows that takes only seconds to fall in love with a shoe. But be careful to not buy wrong shoes. If you have never worn the heels not immediately splurge on the 12cm heel, but proceed in stages: first the 3 cm then 5, then 7, 10 and finally 12. Do not pass up top if you are not sure, you risk walking so as not funny or even worse to fall and make you really sick. Before buying look carefully at the rest of the shoe. To start it will be better to trust a shoe with closed heel and ankle with the firm, are the ideal boots or brogues. Also know that the slim heel is more uncomfortable than the structured and that the plateau is of great help to combine height and comfort.

Practice wear shoes with heels at home before you head off on long walks. The method is what they teach the grandmothers: toe heel (and vice versa) or resting before the tip and then roll your foot resting also doing the heel. Repeat this exercise as much as possible in order to get used to the high shoes and to give the shape to the leather footwear. To become even safer, put a book on your head and try to walk around without dropping it and in a straight line.

There are also a number of tricks that you can put in place when you put your favorite high heeled shoes. For example, pouring a bit talcum powder on the sole of the foot helps not to slide the shoe while walking.

Of the patches on the heel prevent the formation of bubbles annoying and painful steps. The thick socks are ideal as not to rub your foot on the hard skin of the new shoes. And finally, the trick is most effective: put a spare pair of shoes in the bag, pull it out, however, only in case of extreme necessity.

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