How to wear jewelry and accessories?

To all we like jewelry and accessories but when not properly used, may seem exaggerated and ruin the look. The secret is to balance your jewelry and accessories and not be overwhelmed by them!

If you’re using a scarf, bandanna or scarf, neglects the necklace. Should not wear these accessories, you can try multiple necklaces in different colors and shapes to give the best.

consider the long necklaces that come just below the bust make you look taller and thinner.

Do not be afraid to mix silver and gold

This combination will not only help you get the most out of your jewelry, it will also make you have a fresh and modern style.

bracelets of different sizes and shapes are a great way to add a touch of grace to any look

Gird your waist

“Belts are forming an instant waist and add a twist to any look.” If you are curvy, opt for a wider belt, however if you are thin, try a thin leather belt.

Do not be afraid to use your long necklaces as a chain belt, this gives the modern touch to any look.

The rings are a must

Unless you have put a significant and striking necklace, be sure to always wear rings. The earrings add a feminine and youthful touch to any face.


If you’re wearing a top or dress with a neckline that does not support collars or chest looks very turgid instead uses eye-catching earrings cute. This way you will attract eyes to your neck and face.


The bracelets of different sizes and shapes are a great way to add a touch of grace to any look. The favorite large clock also gives a bold and delicate blend.

But above all, you have to have confidence

When dressing up, the worst you can do is not be sure of what you are showing to the world. The trust and confidence in yourself is the key to hit to see you.