How to wear Maxi dress with high heels?

Want to wear a maxi dress with heels? This trend is beautiful but can be more difficult to bear than you think. But do not worry, today I show you have to keep in mind when wearing a maxi dress with high heels.

The key to wearing a maxi dress with high heels is to get the perfect length in relation to the ground. The hem of the dress has to be a few inches off the floor, just enough to not drag or make it short.

A maxi dress is more versatile than it looks and can be easily transformed from casual to dressy depending on the accessories. High heels make you look much more glam and if to this is added a secluded, steep gradients and a watch or bracelet immediately get a great outfit to go out at night.

Please note that not all heels go well with a maxi dress. The tacos define the style of the look such platforms are a convenient option to add inches tall and staying true to the essence casual maxi dress. For a more formal look you can wear sandals or shoes with fish mouth high heels.

High heels make you look much more glam and if to this is added a secluded

The maxi dresses informal (scratches, flowers, etc.) invite more casual heels and platforms, while those made with luxurious fabrics can be transformed into something more elegant with the use of sophisticated heels.

The key is matching the style of the dress shoe. The maxi dress with adjustable straps suggest casual footwear, while the v-neck, sleeves and empire waist with heels can be more elaborate.

What you should not do with a maxi dress

Never wear high heels with a maxi dress that is not in good condition. The hem of these garments are damaged easily, consider this.

If you are very petite heels help you to balance the height, but not maxi dresses are very favorable. In your case it’s best to go for a garment to show a little leg to make you look taller.