Innovation in shoes: mojito shoes by Julian Hakes

Julian Hakes, a British architect drafted a prototype of sandals without soles, without cords and without thorns in 2009. Hakes’ idea is of releasing the foot that provide sufficient aeration and give freedom to the foot arch.
His first prototype was green and looked like it would gain the female acceptance, was it so?


At London Fashion Week it could be seen clearly that the mojito shoes of Julian Hakes are the order of the day. They are not only original and striking, but also aesthetic, fine and very comfortable. Its sole is made of carbon fiber and the interior is made of leather. From that green parrot, it can now be found black and white models, making them much more combined with the color of clothing you choose.


Because of its versatility and adaptability, the mojitos shoes can be used with the style you prefer; formal, informal, even sport (though obviously you can not run with these). The key is holding the toe and heel without the traditional soles which are used to. This futuristic and innovative architectural shoe is being incorporated into our style of footwear and the number of women who are using it.

At first design, this was torn between fiction and reality. Some thought it would be only as a prototype shoe that never arrives at the feet of the ladies. But just out the design on the Internet, a New York model couple began to walk the path to fame with mojitos shoes. In September this year it will be at all the rage at the Fashion Week’s feet Zanditon Ada and Anne Sofie Back, two highly recognized companies in the world of fashion.

Although we may have to wait to buy these designs in local shoe stores. It have been released recently to the public and as every new product will take time unless the demand is really high. Meanwhile, you can search the Internet for some online shoe store.

If you are a fashionista and like to innovate, the mojito shoes should be in your wardrobe. The privileged who have tried say they are very comfortable. Also come in various colors, ideal to combine and be fashionable!