Internal bra to correct sagging breasts

Orbix bra was designed initially for women undergoing breast reduction

With time everything tends to fall hopelessly and female breasts even more. But fortune is that thanks to the countless medical advances of today, there are many ways to improve the appearance of breasts and ensure that no wilted and droopy look.

An Israeli company, Orbix Medical Israel, has created a system that ensures the firmness of the breasts by a kind of bra that is carried inside.

Orbix system comprises a sling that is inserted into the breast and fastened to the ribs by special bone anchors. The sling is raised and fixed to lift and support the breast tissue.
Orbix bra was designed initially for women undergoing breast reduction
It is a kit that has three components:

A sling silicone shaped like a bra that fits the size and shape of the breast to ensure maximum comfort and support. It is made of silicone and comes in different sizes.

After bone anchors has designed and manufactured by the company in bio compatible titanium. These are set in breast bone using an insertion device.

The threads that holds the entire frame are of high quality and are connected with silicone harness.

The pioneer of this system was the Israeli plastic surgeon Eyal Gur, who made the first sketch 9 years ago with the intention of finding a method to facilitate the lifting of the breasts after a breast reduction.

According to officials, the insertion of the internal bra is not invasive and is done through an incision in the areola of the nipple, there is implanted from everything from the device until the hooks that attach to the ribs.

Although it sounds overwhelming, this procedure is much less risky than increases, breast reductions and facelifts also leaves almost no scars because it does not cut skin of the chest.

While Orbix bra was designed initially for women undergoing breast reduction, also serves to women who want to prevent your breasts sag over time.

This bra prevent breast fall permanently, unlike the increases and reductions, but are great at first, over the years the breasts return to yield to the effects of gravity.

After grafting the internal bra, revisions every 10 years are only required in order to verify that the unit is in place and in good condition.

The breast lift system Orbix be available in Europe within a year after completion of the clinical trials in England. Insurance will not be long until it is used in our country and countless women being benefited with this new bra.