Interview Dress: How To Choose Clothing For A Job Interview

Choose clothing for the first job interview requires accuracy and simplicity

Choosing the Interview Dress for the first job interview requires accuracy and simplicity. Try to convey an image of professionalism and reliability. The type of clothing speaks very eloquently for you. Therefore it is highly recommended to consider carefully the image of the company, in order to dress accordingly to the role that you must go to cover.

Here are some tips to make a good impression and be judged positively at first glance.

Don’t wear open shoes, sandals, slippers or sneakers: This are considered very casual footwear, for this shortly, for an interview with a potential “brighter future”. Choose formal shoes with a heel not too showy or flashy if you are a woman.
Avoid shorts, shorts and Capri-style pants.

Choose clothing for the first job interview requires accuracy and simplicity
Clothes using a neutral palette and formal enough: use the blue, gray and white dresses. Avoids the total black as it might be too austere and heavy, it is better to break the alternating black suit trousers or a skirt in a different color.

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Whether you are male or female, wears the men shirt with a tie is appropriate, taking into account the level of the charge that you will occupy the same formalities and potential of the company.

Do not wear gaudy earrings, piercings or flashy necklaces and rings: it is always best to keep a tone of seriousness regarding the jewels. Also the accessories such as bags, must be discrete, elegant pendant.

If you are a girl don’t overdo with slits dizzy or very short skirts: wears socks in neutral colors, matched to the rest of the clothing and devoid of showy designs and geometries.

Make sure your clothes are not too “exuberant”: keep in mind that the interview does not represent the opportunity to display of fashionable clothes, unless your potential work is not in the world of fashion shows or entertainment.

Whether you are male or female wearing the shirt for men should wear a tie

Try not to gnaw your nails, keep them well maintained and clean: If you are a woman, apply a little flamboyant, enamel color aseptic color: hands, faces, are the most exposed part of the body during an interview.

System your hair keeping them tidy, girls can wear the ponytail or loose hair, avoiding colored elastics and Barrettes, extravagant hairstyles is a very good idea. The trick must be balanced and moderate tones, avoiding the red, bright tones, a foundation too trod, heavy make-up and crass.

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The man should keep the beard and cut properly.

Have your best smile. Never laugh loudly. Keep in mind that a smiley and positive attitude is the best weapon to overcome an interview, because it transmits education and good predisposition to the role.