Jewelry Nail rings, the new trend in accessories

In recent years gained great prominence nails, to the point that now are another component of the accessories that make the image and perfectly complement any look.

The new trend that is imposed for the nails are the rings. Yes, they take the rings on the nails as they showed us some celebrities since 2009, only now this trend is spreading in all women.

Jewelry Nail rings, the new trend in accessories
It is not enough nails look neat, well painted and with modern colors but besides this, one has to have a small ring in preference to gold or silver. This accessory is a favorite of stars like Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Fergie, Kelly Rowland, Eve, Rihanna, women are always at the forefront of fashion.


These rings are placed on the finger and the nail and are so delicate that they fit and fit unobtrusively in the least. Ideally, nails are a moderate length and painted with a bright color to match the chosen for the ring.

Jewelry Nail rings, the new trend in accessories

In the United States one of the most famous companies that made these gems is Bijules New York, who has been associated parallel with Urban Outfitters to create a unique collection of affordable rings, which are made of plastic and are silver plated gold or silver at a cost ranging from $18 to $162. Note that in addition to this home designer Anna-Sara Diavik has created a quite remarkable collection of nail rings all gold color.

In Latin America these designs are barely visible, but sure the trend will not take much longer to arrive and be a real boom among women more fashionist.