Karlie Kloss dazzles on the cover of Vogue

The young model Karlie Kloss give the talk of the exhibition of photographs in which she starred for the prestigious fashion magazine Vogue Italia, the “bible of fashion.” It was regarded as the girl with “The Body”.

For this beautiful girl and yet an incredible future in the fashion world, has had a year 2011 closes spectacular being on the cover of Vogue. Since October she joined the staff of models considered “angels” of the lingerie brand “Victoria’s Secret.”

The report was titled “Extra Strength” in reference to the powerful attitude of this young promise in the world of fashion.

Karlie Kloss dazzles on the cover of Vogue

In most photos, Kloss appears almost naked showing her skin like never before. The photographer responsible for these beautiful postcards was Steven Meisel.

These will bring a lot of controversy since the model is observed in a large thin. For this reason, since the virtual portal of the magazine have decided to remove some pictures that are included in the print edition.

Given the possible criticism that the magazine receives from management and by Franca Sozzani, editor of the magazine, this notice may have been one of the few women who has put women on top “curvy” and has a anorexia manifesto.