Key Care for Firm Cheekbones

In addition to the dreaded wrinkles, the passage of the years is also felt in the face with other effects. This is the case of the cheekbones that begin to demand definition and firmness, which favors that the factions are disappearing. Stopping this situation is possible as well as resurfacing prominent cheekbones without having to go through the operating room. What is there to do? Here we give you a series of tips to take care of you according to the age that you have and you get results.


To think that being young is not to be taken care of is a mistake. In fact, you always have to do it based on the age and needs of the skin. And it should not be forgotten that the best foundation is always a well-groomed complexion. However, precautions must be taken when the age of about 35 is reached. From that moment, it is always convenient to use firming creams that act to avoid loss of firmness so that the volume of the cheekbone is always in place.

From the age of 45 or 50 years, care should be intensified with serums and moisturizers. The key is that it activates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which contributes to increase the density of the skin. This in turn propitiates that it is generated like a tensor mesh that allows to redefine the factions.

To get the most benefit from these products, another secret lies in its application. Its extension must always be done with ascending movements , so that it has to start from the center of the face to the outside and from the chin to the temples.


In cases where the loss of firmness and definition are considerable, other techniques have to be used to recover the volume lost in cosmetic and beauty centers, but do not require surgery. One of the most common are hyaluronic acid infiltrations. Another alternative is the tensioning threads that tighten and raise the skin.