Keys to wear the Boho Style or bohemian style

For some time on the streets and bohemian style marks the pulse of fashion with its comfortable, loose clothing full of detail. Hats, fur, embroidery, boots, fringed and camisoles are fundamental pieces that make up the so-called “Boho”. The most famous actresses and models serve as inspiration to mix vintage style elements with bohemian style and bring them to the most elegant occasions. In this paper we detail the basics that make this style a trend that has been installed very strong and what are the keys to wear it for trendy and glamorous way.
abundant touches hippies and bohemians are mixed with an ethnic touch

Bohemian style or “Boho” as it is commonly called, was officially born a few years ago. Back in 2004 took off hard mixing the vintage, the hippie , ethnic and most sexy ’70s, to create a fad that never was. By contrast is replicated and copied throughout the world, yet it is very difficult to get the complete look and bring it to every situation.

To define this style, it is a cocktail in which abundant touches hippies and bohemians are mixed with an ethnic touch, details and other Arab country feel. All this mixed with much vintage spirit and aesthetics of a very relaxed look that primarily provides comfort.

This style can also be transformed into Boho Chic , combining clothes and accessories very bright or also more Boho Rockero when the black and strikeouts melt between ethnic details. The leather takes center stage and accompanying denim perfect for a more youthful touch.

Key details for Boho look

The neck: always covered but not covered, rather with pieces that decorate. Mainly scarves adorn and give life always prints and colors. Should be long and very soft and lightweight fabrics to make several turns around his neck and something hang over the torso.

boho always covered their neck

The portfolio: it is essential always a long handle bag slung over his shoulder in materials such as leather and suede. The fringed and embroidered detail accompanying well as actors and buckles and zippers. For a more chic and elegant touch, a small envelope with stones, embroidered or beaded inlay, or more typical Arab style mirrors India will perfect, especially if they contain many metal parts in gold or silver.

boho excess necklaces, stones, feathers, chains

Jewels : Here excess necklaces, stones, feathers, chains and earrings are perfect XL. But beware seem very hippie, must be well chosen to star.

oversize haircuts or jean combined with any outfit and give this vintage touch
Coats: oversize haircuts or jean combined with any outfit and give this vintage touch of the 70s that both are looking for. Leather vests and fur also play their part by providing shelter to winter and can be used daily.

Shirt: embroidered and very ethereal fabrics like silk or cheesecloth and ethnic prints, worth also always cut loose like a camisole.

Footwear: Very short botinetas (to ankle) low-heeled or are high should be no taco. Also borcegos are a must for the look. Everything always in leather and fringed with some applique, embroidery or detail stones.

boho hat must be wide and low altitude wing

Hat: must be wide and low altitude wing. Capelina also to combine perfect style, but beware, if we are not perfect cut face are best avoided.

The look is completed with the hair loose, with waves, braids or natural, dresses, skirts or even better a few issues with jeans inevitable. The key is to combine but look dressed up or exaggerated in many details. Some celebrities including actress Sienna Miller , Kate Moss and Kate Borthworth are faithful followers of this style and give us an idea of how to accomplish the look uniting all parts.

Beyond fashion, this trend extends to the decor, music and a given environment. You can then imagine all these combinations of objects, fabrics and furniture to a house, where colors, embroidery, braids and fringes give the relaxed and bohemian touch that represents us.