Killer latte, the last drink that helps you lose weight

As always the celebrities and famous are the ones that announce different tendencies, mainly, in matter of beauty and also to take care of the body and to obtain the ideal weight . And, again, it is they who have made a new drink fashionable . It is the killer latte , which has completely superseded the famous tea matcha, so booming times ago. What is it ?

The drink

This drink is based on coffee , although now new ingredients are added to boost its power to lose weight by accelerating the ketosis process and being more satiating. In fact, it is a coffee that is enriched with butter and coconut oil. Well, actually, it’s MCT oil , which is extracted from coconut oil.

How to make a killer latte in 19 seconds: This drink is based on coffee

One of the keys is in the butter unsalted , which is a good enhancer of the effects, in particular, caffeine, besides stimulate attention, but without producing tachycardias . In fact, this is one of its main advantages since, in addition, these coffees are usually more loaded with caffeine so that they can have those benefits.

Killer latte

The preparation is quite simple, initially, since you only have to use the coffee of specialized grains and add a spoonful of the MCT oil and another one of unsalted butter, having then to mix everything very well.

At the moment, the celebrities say that it is ideal because it gives an extra contribution of energy , which results in having to eat less, arriving practically in the afternoon without having taken any food.

In addition, it has other advantages because its effects say that they go beyond thinning , since it also ensures that it has positive consequences on the cognitive function of the brain .