Kristen Stewart plays the Florabotanica Perfume of Balenciaga

Kristen Stewart plays the Perfume Florabotanica of Balenciaga

After the success of the sagas of Twilight, actress Kristen Stewart recently seen in Snow White and the Hunter, displayed all its glory is the face of the new fragrance from Balenciaga “Florabotanica”.

Kristen Stewart plays the Perfume Florabotanica of Balenciaga

No doubt the character of Bella in Twilight was shot in which the worldwide fame, but besides that Kristen was able to win and retain her place. Thanks to its interesting style and natural beauty aspects were noted with interest by the famous fashion house.

With the critical eye of the designer Nicolas Ghesquière, Kristen Stewart who plays the new fragrance Florabotanica Balenciaga, besides the fact that the perfume was very charming and appealing to the actress, who before was somewhat reluctant usually to the fact of sponsor products.

According to comments made to the press, Kristen said “she was always a fan of Balenciaga and confessed that she feels fortunate to have been chosen to be the face of Florabotanica because she love the fregancia and not have been, could never have give her image for it.”

Her style relaxed, carefree and absolute ease of different styles were transformed with the incentives that led to Nicolas Ghesquière to choose it as the perfect woman to play this perfume.

Kristen Stewart plays the Perfume Florabotanica of Balenciaga

Kristen was one of the first to feel Florabotanica and confessed that from time smelled the fragrance of her senses were conquered by the absolute natural aroma. Describes the perfume as a scent lively, cheerful and energetic.

Florabotanica is a fragrance for the younger audience, has a blend of floral aromas that combine to offer a unique scent. It have not yet gone on sale, it may just get the perfume from the month of September which will come with the graphics and the image of Kristen Stewart in each pack.