Lead and heavy metals in lip

Millions of women applying lipstick every day in order to look more beautiful, but behind this facade, some lipsticks carry health risks.
The use certain lipsticks can result in chronic exposure to toxic metals, and the is the most common application, the problem intensifies.

Most lipsticks contain at least a trace of lead , but recent studies have found that in addition to eight other metals from aluminum cadmium.

Most lipsticks contain at least a trace of lead
Exposure to these compounds is long term. For days, months and years women make themselves up with these products that are on the skin, and therefore its compounds are absorbed by the dermis and even the mucosal tissues in the mouth.

Lead for example, tends to accumulate in the body, it is not discarded so that whenever cosmetics containing it are used, the traces are deposited and by adding in the body.

While these cosmetic producers “respect the allowable amount of lead in a product,” doctors say that no level of lead is really safe.

In parallel, this metal is not the only concern, also have found traces of cadmium, cobalt, aluminum, titanium, manganese, chromium, copper and nickel in glosses and lipsticks.

The lip aluminum is added as a color stabilizer and titanium oxide is used as a bleaching agent to clear tones. While the use of these compounds is approved, other metals found contaminants are unwanted.
For example, many cosmetic industries employ mica and lip gloss for glossy, and this often contain metals such as lead, manganese, chromium and aluminum.

Furthermore, the studies revealed that the most intense colors lipstick generally have heavier metals other pollution in pigments.
The analysis determined that colors like red, brown and pink have higher amounts of lead than nude color.


Always check marks lipsticks and glosses that are used, and choose those that are free of heavy metals (organic).
Be cautious about the frequency of the color reapplied not exceed two or three times daily.
Do not allow children to have contact with lipsticks, they are much more susceptible to contamination by heavy metals.
Cost is not a factor of contamination with heavy metals, many expensive lipsticks and other cheap possess.

Proof gold ring

It is said that applying a little lipstick on her hand and rubbing a gold ring on it can identify the presence of lead because the pigment turns black.

The reality is that this popular test is not definitive, the color change may be due to other factors and not necessarily to lead. To know for sure if the sores have it, we must send him to analyze.