Learn To Choose The Ideal Coat According To Your Body Type

Selecting the clothes that best suit you is something like an art, but that doesn’t have to be very complicated. To get it right you have to know what body type is and follow certain style keys to highlight your qualities or hide those defects that bother you.

This time we will stop to talk about the coats. Those clothes that will accompany us during these cold months. When we are going to buy one, sometimes we focus only on the function they fulfill and we don’t see if they look good on us. As a result, we buy a garment that does not favor our body at all.

If you still do not know how to choose the ideal coat according to your body type , you have arrived at the right place. On your website to buy brand clothing online we have prepared some tips for you to know how to choose this garment. Continue reading and dress this winter with style.

The type of cut, color, length and style are some of the elements that influence when investing in a coat . If you want to know which one suits you best, pay attention to the following recommendations.

With this article we intend to offer you a guide and for that, the first thing we will do is differentiate between body types. Depending on the height we divide between ups and downs. Depending on the shape we can be straight, pear-shaped (triangle, inverted triangle or oval).

For each one there is a type of coat that will fit well and others that are better not to approach. We explained it to you in more detail. Pay close attention to the following sections.

Coats for short women

The coats are that outer garment that will be our ally throughout the winter. Or also our enemy if we do not choose well. For young women the challenge is to lengthen the figure. It is essential to avoid any piece that adds volume , because the effect will be the opposite.

Then, avoid bulky clothing and opt for vertical lines that will benefit your figure. Take note of these basic recommendations.

  1. You should wear rather short coats. It can be at the waist or three quarters. That is, that it is lower than the hips without reaching the knees (mid-thigh).
  2. To lengthen the legs you have to emphasize the waist. Choose something fitted and with a belt.
  3. Look for coats with button lines (that are not double) and that these are not very wide. It will favor the vertical effect.
  4. Very heavy fabrics will give you volume and what you are looking for is just the opposite. So opt for those that give more movement to the coat.
  5. Avoid ponchos and oversize coats. They will make you look smaller and bulky.

Coats for tall women

If you are tall you have a lot of ground gained. Any coat design for women will favor you. Although there is some discrepancy regarding the perfect length for this type of body.

There are those who recommend not wearing long clothes because they will accentuate that characteristic. While others give it a green light to hide stature or inviting to take advantage of it.

What should you look for in a coat? As height favors you, you should highlight what you already have. Those with structure will fit you well and will complement your figure .

  1. If you have an hourglass-like body, a coat like this Only shirt , with a belt and at the knees, it will fit you very well.
  2. Instead of vertical closures, opt for crossed coats with diagonal closures.
  3. Short sleeves are not your thing, look for something that fits you.
  4. Ponchos, raincoats and oversize will fit you well.

Coats for thin women or straight body

In this case the challenge is to create curves so that the body does not look so straight. To define the figure you have to mark the waist and highlight those parts where you want more volume without exaggeration.

Textures and light colors will be great allies. Look at these tips:

  1. Choose tight coats that mark the waist.
  2. To add volume in the breasts , highlight this part with patterned fabrics and accessories.
  3. In the case of the hips, the side pockets will make them appear wider.
  4. Tweezers and asymmetrical coats will also help you create more curves.

Women with rounded body

Contrary to the previous point, curvy women should remove those coats that give more volume to their body. Classic and simple cuts play in your favor. As well as dark colors. However, you don’t always have to walk black or brown. Give yourself the freedom to experiment with colors that make you look elegant.

The keys to choosing the perfect coat for your figure are the following:

  1. Wear fitted waist coats to highlight your curves.
  2. The most suitable length is above the knees. If they are longer they will make you look even bigger.
  3. Choose a garment that does not have many ornaments on the front.
  4. Double button lines will give you more volume. Opt better for those with invisible closure.
  5. Leave the prints aside. You better use solid colors.

If you have a lot of chest, it is better not to choose a coat that is very tight from this part, nor that it has a lot of volume.

Coats to hide the hips

This is what women with pear bodies are looking for, that is, wide hips and small backs. The ideal coat is one that manages to balance the proportions to stylize the figure.

  • The “V” neck will highlight the upper part of the body and make the focus on the face.
  • A-cut coats will hide the size of the hips and thighs.
  • Shoulder pads and shoulder loops will give more volume to this part of the body.
  • Also the coats with fur collar will help you balance the proportions of your body.

Women with broad shoulders and large bust

In this case you have to hide the upper part of the body, so you should avoid everything that highlights it. On the contrary, you should accentuate the waist and look for rounded shapes. Look at these tips:

Do not wear coats with shoulder pads.
If you have a large bust, it is best that the coat is open so that it does not look tight.
Coats that fit under the breasts will divert attention from this part.
Use ponchos and layers to add volume at the hips.

Women with hourglass body

This type of body is already balanced, so in this case you should also look for a coat that complements your figure. Those that are notched and with a V-neck will fit. If you are tall, the A-cut will be fine.

Here you will not have limitations with the accessories. The big buttons, double lines, necks with structure … Try them all, they will surely favor your figure. If you are short, be careful not to add these elements since, as we already mentioned, they will give volume to your body and subtract centimeters from your height.

Finally, we cannot stop reminding you that whatever coat you wear, you must treat them properly because you will use them for more than one season. These advice to take care of clothes will help you to do it.

Ready to choose the ideal coat according to your body type? We hope this article helps you get it.