Lip augmentation, how long does it last?

A short time ago we told you about the harmful trend of lip augmentation that had been generated in adolescents who wanted to get the luscious mouth of the American model Kylie Jenner , sister of the Kardashian.

Many young people tried to imitate the features of the girl, sucking a tube and getting as a result a very swollen, bruises and broken capillaries as could be lips.

Lip augmentation, Yes or no?

lip augmentation gone wrong lip augmentation options
After this wave of disaster, she went to admit that she really has temporary fillings in his mouth, and who underwent this treatment as a matter of insecurities with his image.

Well, to answer questions and be informative in this post talk just of lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid, let’s see ….

Pros lip augmentation

Some of the most popular lip enhancement are those of Restylane and Juvederm . These brands employ hyaluronic to increase the volume of the mouth acid, and being a natural compound, is reabsorbed after a few months.

Allow a gradual correction processing thin lips, thus a result too drastic is avoided and too noticeable.
Unlike lip implants, Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid enable greater freedom to experiment and get used to the change before taking it to the next level .

Most hyaluronic acid fillers have visible results after one or two applications and the effects usually last more than six months.
In the case of collagen fillers, the result could be extended up to one year.

Another of the great advantages of lip filler, Juvederm and Restaline, is the fact that the irregularities usually dissolve easily, especially when you compare this with any other types of cosmetic fillings.

It notes that there are many more ways to transform cosmetically lips, from implants to fat injections, but with hyaluronic fillers are those that have fewer side effects.

Cons of lip fillers

It is important to know that lip enhancement injections are not completely free of side effects.

There is a high risk of inflammation, which can last from a few hours to 10 days. For this reason we must never program a lip filling less than a week before an important event.

Irregularities and scars on the surface of the mouth are also a risk, no matter what kind of lip fillers are used.
If an asymmetry occurs in the contour of the mouth, this may take a few months until the effect wears off filling.

Although bleeding is usually very temporary, there is also a risk that the injection breaks a blood vessel. This can cause permanent loss of tissue in the lips and is one of the most serious risks involved.

Allergic reactions
While most allergy testing can avoid unwanted side effects, if an allergic reaction to the filler material is produced, great swelling, redness and itching experienced in and around the lips.

The risk of infection is almost as tall as any other cosmetic procedure that involves needles, but in this case is not recommended for those who already have an infection such as herpes procedure.

Other conditions that pose serious risk to health and prevent performing a lip filler, they are diabetes, blood clotting problems and lupus.