Lipsticks and nail brush XL, the bet of Rimmel London

The most used brand in the UK, Rimmel, innovations from the design on their packaging more and more stylish yet comfortable and exclusive large applicator brushes. The idea, both in gloss and polish, is to minimize the error in place and therefore offer these brushes to ensure optimal coverage XL.

A new lipstick comes to complete the line with creative packaging and innovative brush. Vinyl Lipgloss Max is very glamorous, ideal for special occasions because it offers maximum brightness and volume with just one pass. This new lip gloss applicator incorporates a more voluminous, almost three times more than traditional ones, which ensures full coverage on the lips.

Lipsticks and XL nail brushes, Rimmel London's bid

Advantages of Vinyl Gloss

The traditional formula with aloe vera, which gives a non-sticky texture

Enriched with hyaluronic acid to reduce fine lines and wrinkles you may have

Maxi applicator leaves a larger amount of product on the lips of a single pass

A high shine, with a finish that seems plasticized vinyl

Contains a complex that provides a volume effect to the lips

It is soft and provides comfort, leaving lips stiff or heavy

Lasting effect, at least four hours of pure color


This product, novel in every way, just won the prestigious ELLE Beauty Awards 2011 in the category for best gloss in the UK. It is available in six different colors, some rather intense for the more daring and more discrete and clear. Addictive: red is the height of the range and is the leading model, Georgia May Jagger on posters to promote the product. The aroma is pure candy. Legend: a light and bright pink sweet tone ideal for all day. Excess: innocence and sensuality of women in an opaque violet hue. Dazzle: lilac that goes with everything. Goddess: all the elegance in an innovative light golden color. Muse: perfect brownish tone to match any look.



In pursuit of the finish and perfect coverage, Rimmel strong commitment to large brushes also its entire line of nail Lycra Pro.

The distinguishing feature is undoubtedly its maxi brush that fits the shape of the nails, then we are free to paint errors and excesses. Also lasts until 10 days thanks to its flawless professional finish. It comes in a dozen colors and special editions are added each season.


If the extreme neatness is not your thing and you need to get a good makeup in just seconds, so the lines and gloss Vinyl Lycra Pro is ideal to carry in your makeup bag. There are products in all colors and excellent quality.