Little black dress: classic key question to get you out of trouble at parties

In the fashion world what today is considered the most chic and elegant becomes unusable on next morning, but probably within a few years back to be more. If a garment to escape the vagaries of fashion and remains in effect for almost 100 years is the black dress. Originally known by its French name “petit noir steal”, as it was none other than Coco Chanel who popularized its use, today it is often named in English: Little black dress and its abbreviation LBD. Durable, versatile, affordable and in a neutral color, it is essential that never fail you.

Little black dress classic key question to get you out of trouble at parties

In the early twentieth century it was used by the women in mourning, and use it on any other occasion it was considered indecent. In 1926 Coco Chanel made the pledge that was accepted and became the new fashion icon. Her dress was published in Vogue and named Model T Ford or because, like Henry Ford Model T with his car, made the product is overcrowded. Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and especially Audrey Hepburn made him the symbol of elegance and glamor.


The key to success and versatility of an LBD is its simplicity, since the accessories are really the ones to determine if you want a sophisticated look or informal and may give different shades to be used over and over again without sounding like a look repeated. Often envy men because with only a coat and tie and it look perfect for any occasion. Well, the Little Black Dress is the closest thing to it that women have.


That’s why it’s worth investing time and money on a good that is timeless LBD to never be outdated and too flattering. As Coco Chanel passed, can not miss in the wardrobe of any woman a black short dress in simple and unobtrusive cut that can be used both day and night.


Before you buy, it is important to prove it, as there are many black dresses that can look spectacular on the dummy but they may not work. Also keep in mind that it must be of very good quality, since the idea is that it lasts for several seasons and used many times.


On the other hand, is not the same black dress wear one at 20, 30 or 40. You must take into account the shape of your body. If your bottom is bigger than the top you find A line skirts and have details such as ruffles, above. And if you have a small waist, accent using a loop or belt.


The black dress is essential in any closet that can be used more formally or informally depending on the occasion: with a jacket and heels for work by day or with more jewelry and accessories for the evening. The Maternity trend is not beyond the influence of this dress, and it’s easy to find in abundance among the basic items of many moms.


In short, the LBD is the wildcard that will get you out of trouble when you attend weddings, parties, dating, in the case of travel … and it is imperative at this time of year when social events are more frequent than ever. Be inspired by the famous to see how they use and adapt to their styles.