Losing belly, most recommended exercises that will surprise you

Losing belly is one of the main purposes that many people do. Let’s not fool ourselves, the tripod is something that costs to remove and that requires more exercise than just walking for a while every day. If we do not reduce it in time the belly can continue to grow and in the end become a serious headache. It happens with both men and women, so to all of you today we are going to recommend a series of exercises that will allow you to fight against the gut very effectively.

Losing belly by raising legs

For the second exercise we will leave the abdominal given that surely all of you expected to start talking about them (because it is what is usually done and most usual). In our case we love to use the legs to lose fat from the gut in a proper way, especially because we change the process a bit. What we have to do is place ourselves face up. Then let the arms are placed in the lower back area while at the same time making sure that the legs are stretched.

The next thing we must do is to take our hands right behind our head and place them in a way that helps us perform the abdominal

When we have already placed in position what we do is a movement of lifting of legs at a reduced speed, with much care and tranquility. Along with this lifting of the legs we have to make sure of one very important thing: that the belly is contracted. That is key, because it will be in that moment when the impact occurs in the belly and when we will make that pressure that we need to be reduced. When reaching the highest position with the legs we will have to keep them in this place for a short time, with a few seconds will be enough. Then we will not let go of our legs suddenly, since it would be very negative, but we will lower them very slowly and gently until we have reached the initial position with which we started.

The classic abs

That at this stage of life we say that you can lose gut by doing abdominal you should not be surprised at anything, because it seems the definitive method that all experts recommend. But the reality is that if they do it is for something: because they work. We may like more or we may like less, but we will end up doing crunches if we want to completely forget about the belly. Of course, it is advisable to do them in conditions and make no mistake, something that can happen frequently as it is such a simple exercise with which we can rely too much.

Losing belly with burpees

Let’s start by lying on the floor in a comfortable position and on a surface that allows us to do the exercise without difficulties. Now we flex the legs making sure that the feet are on the ground in a correct position in the front. The next thing we must do is to take our hands right behind our head and place them in a way that helps us perform the abdominal. And when we are in position we will raise the trunk forward keeping the column in a straight position. Keep an eye on when you start with your abs, since you can make mistakes in position and exercise will not be as effective. You could also bend your neck and that would lead you to suffer a possible injury that we do not recommend to anyone.

Burpee for the complete package

It is not enough that when we want to eliminate belly fat we also use to exercise with other parts of our body. Burpee is a type of activity that fits well into this definition because it combines the action of different muscles. There are different positions that we will adopt to bring the triceps into play, The pectorals and the biceps, among others. We will start crouching while we place our hands on the ground, making sure that the knees are between the arms and feet in the back. This position will remind you of a frog. Now take your feet back so that your body is in the position of iron and from there makes a flex, which will be basically the movement that your body understands more natural at that time. As always, the back has to be as straight as possible and the chest should contact the ground if we really want to make the effort we need for our job.

After that effort make your feet return to the position you were in before, that of the frog. And it automatically jumps up as if your goal was to get to the clouds and you did not have any kind of boundary with the jump you’ve given. Of course, you can imagine that the goal after the jump is to return to the crouching position in which you were previously, since this way you can repeat the chain. Keep in mind that the landing has to be smooth. And with this exercise, combined with the other two, you can lose belly without having to suffer excesses of effort.