Make the most of the accessories and clothing

long neck wear it is better with a discrete one or necklace

Looking for and choosing the appropriate accessories for every occasion is not so simple. Accessories can radically change the style of almost any outfit. A simple dress for an evening with friends can become one party for a special occasion with some good hoops, a belt and some tacos.


It is important to look flashy but discreet accessories. If you mix too much, is too heavy and elegance is lost. It is best to focus on one or two accessories maximum, including shoes. For example, with a good and vice versa discrete necklace carried rings. If rings are a great look, a necklace can be excessive. The rings are always recommended, but with the same ratio. You can use several in the same finger or different hands, but with a large and colorful enough.

long neck wear it is better with a discrete one or necklace

Fashion Jewelry

It’s time to show off the jewels and make gold rings and those rings gave you not you use daily with imitation jewelry, of course. The choice of necklace should consider the neckline, length and desired color. The square neckline allows almost any option, a long necklace, choker or a pendant. Conversely, a long neck wear it is better with a discrete one or necklace. In this case it may look a big earrings.

Bracelets are always welcome, combined on the same wrist or both. At parties do not need to wear a watch, but you can use one discreet. But if it’s an evening party it’s a vital piece, gold or silver ring. The ring finger is the most appropriate to show them off, but if there is a little big, can be worn on the index finger, which also gives a modern twist.

Do not mix too

You must focus on only one piece, be it rings, a necklace or a brooch, not overloading. With long or flashy rings, it is best to opt for a discreet necklace. If instead you choose a large necklace and colorful, you can even dispense with the hoops, or failing to be small and discreet, like a pearl. Are also inconsistent brooch and necklace, unless carried on different garments. A beautiful brooch can give an elegant touch to a simple jacket.

Bag and shoes

The shoes and bag are very important and tell a lot about the wearer, so that can save almost any look. People who hold the heel can be raised either in 10 or 12 cm or be pointy. Platforms stoop pretty tilt foot. Sandals with heels are timeless, though, be sure to wear a delicate and healthy foot.

The bag will have a lot to do with your personal style and even your figure. If you are tall you can use a big bag, so if you like you, to fill your expectations. Large comfortable and versatile, the idea is that you come bringing a bag on your shoulder, be sensible with what you put in your wallet. If instead you are small very large bags will not favor you, then make you look younger. The party bags are small, and are carried in one hand. For convenience, some have a discreet handle that hangs over his shoulder. They can go with matching color shoes or clothes to relocate.