Make up and cosmetics for Men

The make up and cosmetics field is no longer bounded for just women, more and more men begin to care for his face, cover imperfections and highlight the best features with cosmetics products.

Many start stealing their women and make others dare more and buy the products they need specifically for their type and skin tone. Wanting to look better or hide signs of aging, depends on how well they can take advantage of the products offered by the market that are getting lucky.

collect the make up tips for your men

There are different ways to wear makeup for men, quietly to cover defects and correct glare and creating a look more dramatic, for example with eyeliner. The fine line between care, look good and wear very thin disguise, so collect the following tips for the make up of your men.

Makeup Tips for men

  • Few but effective are the products needed to look good are foundation, concealer, eyebrow brush, dust and neutral gloss or lip balm.
  • The first thing is the spelling used in dark areas such as dark circles or marks to match the skin tone.
  • The base should be fluid and dust but it is based perfectly with skin color.
  • The powder should only be used to seal the makeup and correct brightness (on the forehead for example), never in excess.
  • Combed and trimmed eyebrows will be best to give a touch more verbose.
  • Mascara can give shape and volume to those that are not very abundant. Always choose brown or transparent to make them look more natural. In some cases the black will be effective provided that no lumps form.
  • The dry lips are very sexy, it’s best to always have on hand a neutral balm that does not shine too.
  • Both the base and the powder must be dull to look more natural.
  • Also need to use moisturizers that will make the makeup does not look dry and last longer.

Several beauty brands have already launched products specifically created for men and with great success and acceptance.