Makeup Contouring the secret of the famous Celebrities

Every time we see a perfect face on the red carpet, we can not help but marvel at the beauty of the woman who wears it. It is clear that for that person look so much genetic but much is the style and of course the makeup . Certainly the latter is no minor detail that can be converted completely to a woman making the most in her face. Since light, blurring imperfections and everything to reach the highest perfection. This is the secret of Hollywood actresses and famous Celebrities, who thanks to a technique specific makeup can really transform their faces.

The success of your application relies on it look natural, and hence the use of good brushes is essential to blend well the product

Contouring is the name given to the form of makeup that has won more adept years. At the very famous principle always spotless thanks to Kim Kardashian, who made ??use of social networks to show the world how it achieves that face so perfect. Today it has become popular and not just celebrities field, any woman can use this technique appealing to the lights and shadows styling and highlight your face naturally.

With the correct foundation or concealer for every skin tone (one lighter and one darker than we have) is shaped to the face from the shadows and clear parts. It’s basically to sculpt the face by a play of light and shadows with which we enhance parts of our face and gray out more imperfect areas.

You can narrow faces, getting bigger eyes, a prominent nose mask, smoothing a large jaw, etc. For example, in an elongated face, dark shadow is palca side to balance the face shape. By contrast, in the round face, requires increased cheekbones with clear to slightly sharpen. Each face has its precise way to use these two tones.

Contouring is the name given to the form of makeup that has won more adept years

This technique is not for beginners, but with a little practice and the right products (in addition to good quality) is possible. The success of your application relies on it look natural, and hence the use of good brushes is essential to blend well the product. In addition there are kits designed for brands and created especially for this type of makeup. Such as Sephora and Benefit both brands within reach of all these colors offered for beginners.

How to apply makeup contouring

For styling factions are a number of steps to not look heavily made-up, rather than look yet perfected skin naturally. It may not be a makeup every day, but at a party or special occasion well worth it.

1. Apply a first or prebase and then the base or tinted moisturizer.
2. Choose the tone of the product to be used for contouring technique. It may be dust, fluid, cream, etc. It is very important that you do not have red or orange hues and brightness.
3. With a brush large, applying dark just below the cheekbones to the area of the ear, in the jawline, in the upper part of the front (right where the tone begins hair ) and temples. Use a fine brush to highlight the sides of the nose (if too long, apply a little below the tip of the nose) and the eyelid.
4. The illuminator is placed on the bridge of the nose to the forehead just above the eyebrows, in the fixed eyelid, on the cheeks, above the upper lip, chin and part that has run out of product between the painted parts Dark of the cheekbone and jaw.
5. With a pink blush gives cheeks with small touches.
6. With all this placed on the face, the most important thing is to melt well Illuminator areas. Then blend the dark circling for a natural effect and there are no lines.

To achieve longer apply a translucent powder to set the makeup and complement. The base is complete and thereafter you can apply shadows, mascara, lipstick, etc. The most important thing is always to find the right colors should not be so different from the skin to avoid being masked tone effect. Then in a few steps you can achieve the look of the celebrities who we adore.