Making a good training AQUA-RUNNING

Not everyone knows the AQUA-RUNNING , a different way of training where you run into the water. It is not a very common sport but many senior runners use it to recover from certain injuries , thus minimizing the risk of relapse without losing power.

The exercise itself is suitable for all ages and levels, but we need to practice a swimming pool and a belt (or vest to float) . Ideally, practice this exercise in the deepest part of the pool because the gesture stride has to be suspended. If the runner is then usually it may be able to practice without a belt.

To do the exercise well put the body straight and shoulders out of the water or the height. These should be relaxed and it is important to breathe. Rhythm will be very different but the actual work will be very high . But how good AQUARUNNING training done?
To do the AQUA-RUNNING exercise well put the body straight and shoulders out of the water or the height
We can use very simple series, then talk about the most common training AQUARUNNING, do we need to be adapted, the first day will be enough to take the practice and technique of the sport.

A good training AQUA-RUNNING

  • Joint mobility 5 minutes out of water.
  • 5 minutes in the water heating.
  • 35 minutes of race in the water, whatever the style.
  • 15 minutes easy pace.
  • Specific exercise 10 minutes (can be of any type).
  • 10 minutes to relax decreasing rate.
  • 5 minutes with releasing much slower movements.

After the session would be important to swim a little to loosen and stretch muscles . In this type of exercise or no wear articular muscle, improves blood circulation and increases endurance . senior athletes work advanced techniques and feature submersible treadmills, although very useful for training not available to everyone .