make the color palette of lipsticks you require a box with compartments
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Making a palette of lipsticks

If you are a women wearing different shades of lipstick for every outfit, and take them all when you go on a trip annoying, the palette of lipsticks that I teach you today, you’ll be more than useful.

Besides allowing lips carry multiple colors in a single case, another advantage of this lip is that palette provides the solution to seize the lip as they are almost empty, and they can not be used more than with a brush.

Also, once you are done with a variety of colors, you can be creative and mix to create your own custom tones.

make the color palette of lipsticks you require a box with compartments
To make the color palette of lipsticks you require a box with compartments, as many as you want, but the ideal is to have to have several color options to choose or build a palette of colors in the same range.

Knife ungezähnt like you use to spread butter or jam.
Lipsticks, use all lip you have and they are almost empty.
Isopropyl alcohol, it is necessary to disinfect lipstick before carving.
Tags to label each lip color with the brand and name.
A lip brush to use the palette because it allows a more precise application.


Step 1:
Disinfects the lip pencil and wipe it with a tissue

Step 2:
Then carefully cut a piece of lipstick or scrapes the bottom of the container to remove the remainder of product.

Step 3:
Now with the knife crushes the lipstick in one of the compartments of the case, the same tool used to smooth the surface and fill the corners.

Step 4:
Repeat this process with the other colors to complete the remaining compartments.

Step 5:
With a tissue, clean the surface of the compartments.

Step 6:
Enter the brand and name lipsticks and stick labels to the top or bottom of the box.

Step 7:
It is time to use your creation. Applied with a lip brush to blend colors and courageous lip to create custom colors.

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