Manicure treatment of Healthy permanent Manicures

More and more adept at the permanent enamels because they are convenient and usually more embellish hands. But around them, as with many beauty products, techniques and treatments, there have been some lies , but in some there is some truth , you must know.

Myths about permanent enamels

One of the beliefs is more widespread is that permanent enamels weaken nails. It really is not true that this is by the direct action of the enamel, what happens is that, when taking the enamel layer, one can not directly receive the rays of the setting sun and vitamin D . A problem can be solved if used oils for dry or damaged cuticles during manicure.

gel manicure treatment for permanent enamel

Linked to this belief, it is another false myth: these glazes can not be used with weak nails . Is a mistake. These products it is possible to apply these nails and strong. Initially, they are suitable for all types, unless there is a specific problem for health issues.

It is also widespread that permanent glazes really do not last much. In this case, you should know that this type of manicures usually remain intact for two weeks . However, everything depends on the activity that takes place because there are professions in which can last less for work done or products with which it is in contact.

About disposal also rumors. It is usually thought to be enamels are more difficult to remove . And it’s not because there are specific products that remove quickly and safely. But it is true that, if removed at home, you should be careful because the risk of lifting layers of the nail itself runs.

Cuticles are removed and nails are filed down, then takes a nice massage with avocado oil and enamel finish is done

And finally, another misconception is related to colored . Many women believe that there are few shades. At first if it was true, but now firms are increasingly expanding over the range of colors to choose the like, and having almost as many colors as the palette of traditional glazes.