Mascara color: what favors me?

The mascara is a cosmetic that is key and must be present in the vanity of any woman. A different types of mascara there, a wide range of adds tones that allows highlight over the iris. But what feels better by the color of your eyes?

Colored Mascara Best Mascara Colors

Depending on the eye color you can choose a tone or other of mascara in order to further enhance the depth and brilliance of the iris. As a general guideline, one can say that the mask black is suitable for all kind of eyes, besides being able to look both day and night. However, one must be cautious with those who are extra black or black coal because, being darker, they can tighten the face.

In cases in which a look you want soft and less intense, except that there is not the slightest hint of a dramatic style, it is best to opt for the brown mascara color with which prevents hardening the look and doing the same role as the black.

Apart from these general guidelines, other guidelines which may be taken into account. For example, dark eyes and those that are green have a good ally in the mascara shades that are purple or eggplant because highlighted.

For its part, the mask is transparent is best suited for the day, making it possible to combine it with any eye color because it does it is bring more volume and shape to the eyelashes. Thus, this tone is also recommended for day makeup very natural or women who want to make up without being noticed.

And finally, it is common also found in cosmetics stores blue color mascara. This product is advisable to use it only in the case of the eyes is taken almond tone.