Men’s Fashion for Christmas 2011 and New Year 2012 Celebration

The year-end parties, reunions, outings with friends, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year … December is full of celebrations and that’s probably the time when men should worry about their look, to be consistent for every occasion. Whether formal or informal, day or night, today men’s fashion offers multiple options to suit every style and occasion. No longer enough to have a coat and tie, but the accessories are becoming increasingly important in the male wardrobe. Here you discussed what the main trends in menswear for this holiday season and see the year 2011 to sheer elegance.

They also stand out Mens Fashion Christmas and New Year

For an informal meeting with the most intimate and not used as rigorously the suits and ties, especially among the young. A pair of jeans or casual looks good, especially the trench coat. With a casual shirt, simple or shirt and sneakers are fine. A blazer coat is usually sufficient if cool, and looks great combined with shirts.


They also stand out Mens Fashion Christmas and New Year


One of the top choices this season are those shirts that have a color outside and another inside, so that doubling the sleeves and open neck detail is the color scheme. To add some style to a casual look, you can use open vests that look great with shirts, shorts smooth or checkered. Suspenders and a hat can top of modern. For a more classic casual look, shorts in dark tones with a good belt and polo shirts (polo shirts) with moccasins.


They also stand out Mens Fashion Christmas and New Year


If it is a formal celebration there is no way to escape the suit, although it can be brought up without a tie and shirt in a different tone, if the occasion permits. Betting on shirt and dress pants or jeans, shirt and blazer. This summer bet combinations, so that you can combine a pair of dress is a jacket in dark earth tones for example, or vice versa. Lately, wear a suit with a t-shirt design funny or bright, and slippers, the style MTV Music Award, it is well accepted in almost all situations for the young. If you want to be the center of attention and opt for a fun, youthful look: formal suit and tie lumberjack shirt, or add pins to the lapel of his jacket. Styles risky to think outside the box.




However, if the event is truly formal and elegant, it is best to choose a classic black or gray suit, although there may be scope to go for sand colors. Carved models are the most stylish. Ties super slim models are still valid, but tie or bow tie. On the feet, the British court shoes in leather or patent leather.