Mistakes we make in caring for oily skin

Those who have oily skin tend to deal with annoying and unsightly problems, and that’s often carry various errors in facial care daily. The oily skin is characterized by open and closed comedones, consistent brightness feeling of dirt, acne, large pores, etc., but what else tries, is excess fat that is the cause of all these disorders.

When trying to prevent the skin to become oily, you tend to want to dry the skin too, so instead of being pro makes it counterproductive and generate more sebum.

Mistakes we make in caring for oily skin When trying to prevent the skin

Skipping moisturizer

Never avoid using moisturizer, because it provides water and no matter fat. When cleaning your face, remove the skin its natural oils, which makes it possible to dry faster and if you provides water, the skin takes this as an aggression and begins to secrete sebum as much to protect.

You have to use moisturizers for oily, non comedogenic and light.

Abusing astringents

When for oily facial cleaners are employed, they are using an astringent, and makes the skin abuse react in the same way as before. Produce more sebum
Furthermore, if these cosmetics have sulfates, can generate a severe effect drying therefore it is better to use those that are manufactured or sodium lauryl oat amino acids.

Abusing scrub

Exfoliation is important, but the abuse it can be harmful.
An excess of peels can lead to an outbreak of acne and skin becomes much more fat than before, hence the need to perform this process once a week (creams gentle exfoliating) and every 15 days or a month, a chemical peel with AHA and BHA.

Having fixation with pore cleansing

Clogged pores make the skin generate increased sebum production and hence the appearance of pimples and blackheads.
But the overuse of a tonic and astringent Peel strips off to clean the pores can lead to an exacerbation of sebum in the skin, and that the skin is removed his protection, and he defends generating more grease.

Rinse with water excessively

Excess water can be bad for your complexion, not to do more than two daily rinsed because otherwise you can create an imbalance in the oils of the skin and sebaceous glands increase their production.

Abusing wipes

Always check which contain these wipes because abuse can create chaos.
The most recommended products are those without alcohol, or possess a tiny percentage, as this ingredient too dry the skin.

I change followed by facial care products

To see results you have to use cosmetics for at least three months, if changing brand or style too often never notice its benefits and you can even generate increased production of sebum.

Using too much product

Apply the right amount of a product is important, so you have to read the instructions and do not believe that more is better. Using too much of these products can lead to many side effects such as an increase in sebum production.

Avoid all oils

While suitable for oily skin products are usually free of oil, does not mean that are appropriate for all circumstances. In case of extreme and windy and very cold climates zones, it is essential to employ more moisturizing and nourishing creams that help skin to retain water, and not over-dry.

Waiting for the miracle of having normal skin

No, oily skin is controlled but not changed. Who have oily skin naturally can not reverse it, at least not until some stage of life. We must accept that you have oily skin and try to take care of the wisest way possible to display controlled and healthy.