Mules shoes, an unmissable fashion of the season

Women's Shoes Mules & Clogs

The mules shoes have become very popular since last year when they made their appearance in a parade of Gucci . Although the first impressions were not at all favorable, despite the forecasts, mules became one of the most desired footwear in the world.

This lace-up shoe is ideal for use in spring summer and the designers have created different styles so that each woman can find the one that best suits her. They come in high heels and fine, flat or thick heels of medium height: also come with different toes, combinations of colors, materials and textures.

Women's Shoes Mules & Clogs
Mules shoes, an infaltable of season

The mule are really beautiful, although the only downside I can mention is that it is a bit difficult to walk with them, because they always run away and may force us to walk like a duck. You have to know how to dominate them so that you do not pass paperwork.

The most renowned mules shoes in this 2016 were designed by Chanel , these have distinctive features as being come in three color colors: all black, beige and black, and black and white, with the iconic grosgrain toe, as well as a Intricate snake or a pearl in the high and thin heel.

The mules can be worn with just about anything, they are splendid with informal jeans and shirt outfits, even in long, elegant dresses.

Whatever clothes you wear, no doubt the mules are going to take the lead, they are shoes that do not go unnoticed and give a very chic look. Let’s see some beautiful looks with mules shoes: