Myths and truths sunscreen

Often we protect ourselves from the sun considering popular belief without paying attention to whether what is best for our skin. There are several myths concerning the use of blockers and sun exposure that is so harmful to the skin, so it is necessary to know in depth and act these products in the dermis and what is its proper use to avoid running any danger. Experts in the field suggest some issues to consider in identifying what is true and what is not when it comes to this important to prevent future diseases in the dermis, spots, premature aging and burns very dangerous issue.
Damage from the sun is irreparable, hence it is so important to take care with exposure times

Not everyone take adequate sun protection when summer comes and it is therefore important good and reliable source information to change some habits that we as learned precautions. Banish those myths Grandma is key because solar radiation have a strong impact on our skin and we must act accordingly.

Agunos scientific data show that over 80% of women suffer from spots on his face that are caused by exposure to direct sunlight , some with great dangers of becoming melanoma and develop serious illnesses to the person. Previously care given were almost nil when sunbathing until the end was well seen. Today those women have the thickened, wrinkled and very dehydrated skin, some stains and spots that must be constantly monitored by the doctor.

So if we really want to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin without blemishes and consequences of premature aging, it is absolutely necessary to protect from sun exposure in winter and summer. Is key here then exercise this protection responsibly and know everything important, banishing myths and misconceptions to take care of once and for all skin.

The most common claims and myths

“No use protection because the sun dries my shins, even banishes” FALSE. The sun tends to dry effectively the surface imperfections of the dermis but nevertheless UV cause the skin to thicken and a rebound effect. The accumulated sebum resurfaces forming new worse than previous imperfections. The problem never ends.

“The most dangerous solar rays are best tan skin.” FALSE. Of the total UV absorbing skin corresponds to 5% UVB, 20% are short UVA and 75% at long UVA rays. ‘ve Historically known that UVB rays are particularly energetic and responsible tanning and sunburn. UVA rays are less energetic, but are 17 times more abundant. Present throughout the year, they are able for example, through the glass and get 80% of the surface layer of the skin and by 20% to deeper areas. These do not tan, burn, which is not the same. That is why it is now necessary to create awareness on total exposure effects, encouraging the constant use protection all day, all year round, even in the makeup.

No use protection because the sun dries my shins, even banishes

“Using only skin protection because ultraviolet radiation (UV) only affects the dermis” FALSE. This type of radiation also affects the eyes and it is very important to wear sunglasses with good filter, much more if you are in places with snow or sand very clear about where the rays become more intense. In very severe cases can develop cataracts and temporary blindness.

“On cloudy days do not use protection because there is no danger”: FALSE. Even on cloudy days UV weaken, they are intense enough to burn our skin. We are only safe if the clouds are low and thick (fog).

“No use protection because they never achieve skin color”: FALSE. Even using very high protection and extreme care, skin takes a healthy tan is not evil to health. Only it requires more time to achieve and it is best that it is a much more lasting color. In this case it is possible to accompany it with foods rich in carotene (carrots) to prolong the tone and make it golden.

The important truths

The sun alters the behavior of stem cells. These cells are essential, uniquely able to create new cells for the regeneration of the epidermis. But are the most powerful and fragile so they need an enabling environment to survive. UV effectively alter the regenerative capacity of stem cells, then the skin age prematurely.

Sensitive skin is more reactive toward the sun. This type of skin burns easily, so it is essential to apply high protection. In some cases even never ever a tan is achieved and why you should always choose a product specially formulated for sensitive skin because they are also hypoallergenic and free of perfumes.

Sun exposure is necessary because vitamin D is synthesized using UV radiation. This time of sun exposure required for the production of vitamin D is very short so that it is sufficient UV radiation we receive as we perform our activities Daily outdoors.

Damage from the sun is irreparable, hence it is so important to take care with exposure times and foremost use adequate protection. Repeat several times a day if there is contact with water or sweating and a high factor to be safe. Leaving behind the ancient myths leads us to a path of care will lengthen our quality of life and delay much signs of age.