Nail design in stained glass style

If it is giving them a little originality and nail art, then everything is said in that matter. Every day someone’s creativity sets new styles and very well made to give nails a special touch. This time we show step by step how to make the stained glass design with various colors ideal to look at any time.

All artistic designs we see in the nails are based on things we already know and that can translate well in an area as small as your hand. Typical vitro, stained glass or stained glass (as the language in which it is said) are famous churches and old houses, where the idea is to mix and highlight bright colors with black edge.

take a finer brush that color and plotted on the nail white irregular shapes with straight edges

This same inspiration can be taken to create a new style in nails based on the combination of colors that are desired.
To begin the process requires some tools:

  • White enamel for the base
  • Nail colors: the amount depends on the design and tones is preferable to combine together.
  • Black enamel: to give unions and glassy appearance
  • Enamel top coat clear: to give the final finish, maximum brightness and duration
  • Fine brush: they can be several types of thickness, used to make the design more accurate
  • Washable containers, disposable plastic or a piece of cardboard where to place tones.

Step by step
With ready to paint fingernails, proceed first with the base. This should be of a light color can be plated if you want to brighten the colors, white or beige to highlight them if you want them off a bit. They should paint the entire nail with the base tone before.

The design requires a lot of precision when applying the colors so it is best not to work directly from its container enamel but dump a small portion in a carton or container.

Then take a finer brush that color and plotted on the nail white irregular shapes with straight edges but in any area. It should work with that tone all up to the next nail.

For next procedure is the same color. The idea is that the colors are placed next to each other and if there are blanks can be left in the end are corrected.

Once all the colors you want (preferably no more than 4) and if the nail is dry you have to start with the color black.

The black edges serve to make connections between each tone and therefore should also be applied with a brush. Once completed, the look of stained glass is perfect then just put the top coat to give it shine and durability to the design.

The key to this design on your nails is the thoroughness, accuracy and sensitivity in applying tones and merge them together. So thin brushes and brush glaze.

The stained glass design is a great idea to use in any season, and it just depends on how they combine the colors and tones. It is easy and only takes practice to do it quickly.