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Natural deodorants: guide to DIY remedies

We can stay fresh and clean all day without resorting to industrial deodorants on the market? The answer is yes. Here is a brief guide to extricate the world of natural deodorants:

The premise to do when it comes to body deodorant regards the annoying problem of bad odor. Actually, the real culprit is not the sweat. The phenomenon is caused by bacteria, for this reason, the task of the deodorant is precisely to act on these insidious microorganisms.

The sweating is important, you should never try to block it, because it allows the body to regulate itself to have a constant temperature. The natural deodorants and not aggressive not contain substances that can prevent the pores of normal operation.

natural deodorants happen that could linger on clothing, skin breathe and prevents irritations and rashes

How to choose?

Just irritations: Absolutely prohibited deodorants antiperspirants. An aggressive product is instantly recognizable because it causes burning or allergies. Some deodorants on the market are made ??with alcohol, and are not recommended especially for those with sensitive skin. If you really prefer them because they are more fragrant, careful to use them directly on garments and never on the skin, especially if you have just shaved.
A choice of nature. The natural deodorants can be bought in many organic food stores or herbal medicine. Their ingredients list should not contain parabens, alcohol, aluminum, potassium alum and other chemicals, but water, aloe, oils and natural essences.

How to create our deodorant?

The first deodorant DIY is derived from ‘ Alum Rock . It is a simple stone (found in all herbalists) that, wet with water, can be applied on the area to be deodorized, thanks to the mineral salts that normalize perspiration.
The most traditional of home remedies is the bicarbonate . Use powder mixed with talc or if you prefer the steam version, you can mix it with distilled water and essences of favorite scent.

Purists using a solution of parsley, realized as a classic decoction and allowed to cool.

Although with natural deodorants happen that could linger on clothing, skin breathe and prevents irritations and rashes. The bad smell is almost exclusively with synthetic fabrics, so the combination of natural deodorant and cotton garments or natural fibers will be the secret weapon of your beauty.

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