Natural hair: Basic Tips for oily hair care

Tips for oily hair care

The hair fat is one that produces excess sebum. These natural lipids are necessary to keep the hair healthy and moisturized, but when there is too much give a matted appearance and looks dirty.

However, with proper care this type of long hair can look beautiful, clean, fresh and hydration just and necessary, if you consider the basic tips for oily hair care.

Tips for oily hair care

The first tip is then to be greasy hair washed more often, at least once daily. Circulates a myth that could produce a rebound effect, whereby the scalp produces more oil if it more clean, but it is false.

In this sense, think that the scalp is just skin that has more oil glands and hair follicles. The hair creates a humid microclimate, which in the type of fatty acids promotes the appearance of unsightly and uncomfortable conditions such as dandruff and seborrhea. If you allow the grease to build up, all it does is choke the follicle.

What is certain is that if the shampoo is too aggressive, then it will produce irritation to the skin of the scalp, which ultimately lead to more oil production. Therefore, if more frequent washings, softer should be the shampoo. Find a neutral, soft, you’ll see that you wash your head as often as you need without the hair will suffer. When using products grease daily, the skin hydrolipid not have time to recover. If instead you prefer to space out the washing-for example, every other day-then yes you can opt for a formula grease. The idea is try to find the rhythm of washes and shampoo better you go.

However, it should be noted that use the same shampoo produces an effect of habituation, which will eventually note with more grease, because the shampoo is not as effective as before. In these cases, the option is to search and collate two brands from time to time, even some neutral shampoos are formulated specifically for use every so often and so cut the habituation effect.

The continued normally dehydrated hair as it is a chemical process, although in the case of greasy hair can improve substantially, especially when performed only in the roots, because when you lift the hair from the root, it takes longer to get dirty.

The same goes for the dye, which makes hair more porous and therefore more tolerant of excess fat. However, this type of hair is not without deterioration in tips which are damaged and open, so you have to moderate the aggressive processes.

The fastening products such as gels, sprays and lacquers and dirty hair become oilier, so you have to use the bare minimum.

When you dry your hair, pull the head down, to lift and separate the roots of the scalp, so that no grease so easy.

Finally, avoid touching your hair too, is also a cut-fulfillment and hairstyles in which stay away from the face, because the friction with the skin as dirty. Another option is to keep it contained to less dirt.