Natural tricks to increase the volume of the lips

Over the years, the lips become thinner and progressively lose their volume and size. Nowadays, there are lipsticks that allow to create that effect, as well as different treatments in aesthetic centers. However, you can also follow a series of natural tricks , which are applied at home in a simple way and with which good results are achieved.

Over the years, the lips become thinner and progressively lose their volume and size.

Home remedies

Although now not the lips are carried as bulky as years ago, this remedy can be used without problems for those who have fine or in cases where they have been losing volume over the years.

The home remedy is very simple. You only need a little honey, transparent kitchen paper and a toothbrush. First, you have to clean your lips well for what you need to massage in a circular way with the help of the bristles of the toothbrush , which should be soft and that, previously, has had to moisten with warm water.

Once this step is taken, the next thing is to dry them well and put the honey on the lips with the fingertips, making sure they are completely covered. Then, a triangle of transparent kitchen paper should be placed .

Then, you must let go between ten or fifteen minutes to take effect. After this time, rinse the lips well with plenty of water to remove all the remains of the honey and dry them with a soft towel with small touches and never rubbing. The results are noticed quickly with just doing it two or three times a week.


In addition to cleaning the lips well before applying honey, it may also be convenient to do an exfoliation once a week. Yes. The lips are also exfoliated, although specific products are needed. Among the most recommended are, for example, those who have papaya because they are rich in vitamin A and papain. In this way, dead cells are eliminated and the effect of any other treatment will be noticed more.