New Eve Cosmetic Jeans: weight loss and fight cellulite

New Eve Cosmetic Jeans weight loss and fight cellulite

Treatments of cosmetics to eliminate cellulite from your bodies continue to move toward finding perfect silhouette. In this case, a hyper-tight denim pants come to the Italian market with the dual mission of shaping legs and buttocks and combat such unwanted fat. This is possible thanks to the principles contained in the material assets, which act on the skin throughout the day.


The design of Eve Cosmetic Jeans belongs to Luca Berti, an expert with over 30 years of experience in creating well-fitting pants. For its part, the technology comes from the hand thinning of Florence Bombard cosmetologist, while the Italian brand is the sponsor of the project Lerock.


New Eve Cosmetic Jeans weight loss and fight cellulite

Active ingredients for weight loss

The components that forms slimming formula star caffeine, vitamin E and Aescin. It is known the use of caffeine as a principle lipolytic, which dissolves accumulated fat.

The vitamin E is used in the formula for its antioxidant powers, and its softness and ability to give birth to the skin.


The Aescin extracted from the fruit of the chestnut and is the single most powerful cause of this triptych, since it is the element responsible for stimulating micro-circulation, significantly improve the appearance of the skin and correct defects.


Benefits of the Eve Cosmetic Jeans

In addition to styling and design enhances your feminine curves, since, as stated above, the author of jeans including Diesel signature in its path, the results of the active ingredients, which could put between exclamation marks, are the following:

  • Reduction in the hips and buttocks size up to 2 cm
  • Activation of the circulation
  • Improving the overall appearance of the skin
  • Reduction of thighs of up to 1.5 cm


These results, supported by clinical studies in 20 women become apparent after the treatment of 28 days. While not all bodies respond the same way, it was found that when using the Eve Cosmetic Jeans washing every six days, you can access a 50% minimum of its potential benefits.


On the other hand, as they should be washed with hot water, cleaning the third thinning properties must be replaced by a spray, included with the purchase of the garment.