New fragrances for all times of day

Own the Night: this sheer mist is the perfect co-star, with a warm, sparkling fragrance inspired by midnight in Paris

During the course of a year on cosmetics releases are incessant, and everything to publicize the changes in fashion trends that have been or new ingredients. As is the case with makeup or creams, fragrances are not free to go appearing and disappearing or changing according to the season. So far in 2015 we have already seen various developments for both men and women and the best brands.

The charm of a scented skin is a pleasure that we must never stop feeling. Every time we leave the fragrance is essential part of the look and perfectly completes our outfit acting positively in the mood. Whatever the reference of each in terms of aromas, it is clear that if we have a favorite, always want to go exploring and changing the perfume we use. Just to not get bored or feel so attached to the routine. To prevent this from happening, in the range of sweet aromas, spices, citrus, floral or one prefers, there are always new.

In this note we highlight all new in fragrances in order to discover how to change the style or spoil a loved one with a gift without doubt spectacular.

For women
La Nuit Trésor: a classic Lancôme, their new version presents us with a love story that begins with an unexpected fragrance where fabulous is the star Penelope Cruz. This fragrance two join two noble flowers: the Rosa Negra and . Vanilla Orchid Tahitensis From this mixture of both forms black diamond . Composed of two raw materials hitherto unusual and above all very sensual. Both flowers are united with the mysterious touch through the incense, the essence of papyrus and praline to achieve a very persistent and sweet fragrance.

Own the Night: this sheer mist is the perfect co-star, with a warm, sparkling fragrance inspired by midnight in Paris

Armani Code Ultimate Women: pure seduction is what gives this new and dangerously feminine fragrance has the notes of orange blossom as its main character. The woman who chooses it is assured, perfect in style and makeup, seductive with his whole body, mysterious first. This fragrance charm is in the high notes of bitter orange, ginger and pear sorbet flashing, before opening a sensual floral heart of orange blossom absolute and jasmine of Arabia, enhanced by the aroma of arabica coffee. Once continuous luring skin with rich notes vanilla pod absolute, tolu balsam and benzoin. No doubt the new secret of seduction for all women.

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent: a fragrance of oriental spicy fragrance family for women created by Nathalie Lorson, Marie Salamagne, Olivier Cresp and Honorine Blanc. The outstanding notes of this perfume are pink pepper, orange blossom of orange and pear, coffee and jasmine in the center and towards the bottom vanilla, patchouli and cedar.

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For men
Dior Homme: The irresistible charm of a fragrance that never goes unnoticed. Dior Homme For Men is very urban sophisticated and ready to cause immediate seduction. Its composition is fresh and masculine with notes of Moroccan grapefruit, bergamot from Calabria, and cilantro in Crimea. All designed for a stylish man and above all modern.

Eu Sauvage Cologne Dior: the same brand but in a totally different profle, this colony is fresh and lively, woody, spicy mixture resulting in a timeless elegance but with a distinctive touch that makes it much more modern without losing the playful touch and easy. Ideal for youngsters.

The wildcard for any time of year is Vespa. The legendary motorcycle brand to launch with two options of fragrances: Vespa For Her & For Him created by Coty. With the same design and elegance that characterize Vespa, now you can experience the fragrance that evokes the style of this legendary cult scooter an expression of joy and freedom. Through these two fragrances captures the captivating thrill of a walk along the Italian Riviera.

Vespa For Him: a spicy, with hints of wood, with a combination of juniper berries and grapefruit acid, with notes of violet leaves fragrance. Notes of lavender, pink pepper and pineapples are also visible. The earthy warmth of patchouli and vetiver, along with notes of leather, offer a touch of refined elegance.

Vespa For Her: it is a floral fragrance full of energy and with citric touches s. Opens with fresh notes of lime, bergamot and ginger. Its core combine orange blossom notes with hints of apple and heliotrope flowers. To close, white musk combined with warm notes of cedar and vanilla, give this fragrance its stamp of sophistication.

Both options are ideal for everyday use and to have on hand when what we want is a fragrance to refresh us and filled with life. Furthermore, this line has other products such as deodorant, shower gel and body lotion on the same page.

Nothing compares with the joy of having found the fragrance that one describe it and do nothing better than these constant changes in the olfactory landscape to go diving in every style and subtly change something in our aroma.