New ideas and tips for 2013 makeup trends

This time we will not teach you how to do a makeup, rather we will tell you about the makeup trends for this spring-summer 2013.

The 2013 trend of pastels and vibrant can see it in the proposed new collection

Trends on the catwalk

First we want to teach you how to capture tendency imposed on a catwalk. Never happened to see a parade and think inside: very nice, but that does not get me mad!?

Well, it turns out that the gateway is the instance with fashion designers, hairdressers and makeup artists to expose their trends in different collections, which does not mean that it is what “we” use.

That is why you must sharpen your eyes and see beyond what we propose. That which is repeated either in printed fabrics, textures, colors, makeup, hairstyles, that’s what sets the trend, which will be more “trendy” in this season.

Knowing this is what has happened to comment you on 2013 makeup trends.

Latest trends in makeup 2013


Two well-marked trends for this season are: first, the pastel colors on the other hand, the neon colors, each with a completely different style. The first point more to the feminine and the sensitivity and the others are more strident and clearly mark presence.

Any of them you can like a lot in this season, especially because the color is imposed to the classic tones you are used to using such as brown, blue, gray, black.

The trend of pastels and vibrant can see it in the proposed new collection L’Oréal for spring 2012, Miss Candy, referring to the colors of the candy to achieve a look so feminine, sophisticated and glamorous.

Honestly, we really like the L `Oreal proposal for this 2013 season. The shadows are long lasting and have a nice finish on the eyelid, like lip glosses, they have less time but are a very good complement for a fresh look, delicate and feminine.

Makeup Type

As for the type makeup, the trend is the natural makeup and fresh: citrus colors, coral, mint green (mint green), the fuchsia, light bases but lots of mascara and blush to taste the most requested tones.