New trends in glasses 2017

Fashion trends in the eyewear sector have a slow but fairly reliable behavior. In the case of the sunglasses, the time seems to have been left behind in which the mirrors of all imaginable colors dominated. Now they take the daring designs and the proposals more risky.

The big brands bet on the combination of materials and colors, wanting to differentiate their products and give the importance that the aesthetic deserves, something that reaches the glasses to see.

In recent years it was difficult to differentiate the male user from the female on the mount. Now the tendency is to reaffirm the feminine gender in the glasses. For this reasons the best brands have given a special emphasis to the glasses, with proposals of colors and shapes for women.

the best brands have given a special emphasis to the glasses, with proposals of colors and shapes for women

Playing with bridges

It seems to consolidate the trend in terms of bridges, since you have double, wide, thin and almost nonexistent.

Is the end of the mirrors towards gradients and flat lenses?

Mirror glasses arrived with the intention of being a fad and have ended up setting a trend in recent years. Sports brands and new signatures aimed at young audiences have evolved and now they want to give them elegance. The evolution is being towards a series of proposals where the lenses reign degrade and in the mirrors with opacity.

Some brands are responsible for setting trends and this must be taken into account when buying Ray Ban and other brands that are leaders of a market in which flat lenses, which are the ones that allow more modern and urban glasses, are being put very fashionable, carrying an anti-reflective back treatment that prevents any discomfort that may arise.


It can be said that it is currently complicated to get right with the trends in sunglasses and prescription glasses, since in the market there are many brands that have many answers to the different needs that each client seeks.

What we can guess is a clear bet to differentiate the feminine from the masculine and a flight forward, betting on designs more striking.