Nippies: new accessory to be cool this summer

Nippies: new accessory to be cool this summer

The Nippies or pasties are all the rage, sold under the slogan “the patch of freedom.” True, the system cover the nipple with different methods when you can not or do not want to wear a bra, it is not new. What is new is that these accessories began to make original designs and colors, so it is hard to resist having a set of their own, for the special odd occasion.

Nippies: new accessory to be cool this summer
The product name is a derivative of the word in English “nipple”. Its use is quite easy and very practical results. How many times we find blouses or dresses incompatible with the structure of the bodice? How many women feel uncomfortable wearing bra, bra or bra? Total freedom would stop using them, for the moment, the Nippies seems to be the intermediate step.

Nippies: new accessory to be cool this summer

How are the Nippies?

This is a patch of fabric with a sticker on the bottom. These pieces are manufactured in different sizes, so it’s only a matter of selecting which suits the needs, remove the paper strip and place. The Nippies are reusable. It is advisable to leave on a glass or mirror not to be lost. The pair can be used two or three times.


When Nippies use?

The Nippies brand was began producing by Bristol6. Inspiration comes not only sexy lingerie but of the everyday life of women. The firm launched something that already existed, but channeled in ways that are now 50 models including:

  • Nippies for brides
  • Nippies to the beach
  • Nippies for everyday
  • Nippies to seduce your partner


There is no denying that the idea is good, especially for the summer. In this sense, many women do not encourage topless on holiday, they feel safe and protected under the Nippies. The beach or the pool are only conducive to putting on a pair of Nippies, as are water resistant, do not run the risk of losing the way.


Advantages of using Nippies

  • The Nippies are hypoallergenic, so they do not irritate or affect the skin
  • Exempt from wearing a bra on hot summer afternoons
  • Provide a calm body freedom
  • Can be used underwater without the risk of coming off
  • Dan safe use of too low-cut dresses