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Look and Usage of Oxford shoes 2013

The Oxford shoes have become the favorite part of many women, as well as being comfortable and beautiful, you can combine with a lot of looks and styles, so today you get this piece of the wardrobe of men, touch of femininity and tell you how to use Oxford shoes.

You can use this type of shoes both for work and for casual occasion. You just have to use your imagination a little and dare to use some of the combinations that we offer today.

Oxford shoes look

The first thing to consider is the material they are made of shoes
If you want to use this type of footwear for work or to go for a walk, there are several looks that can help you, because despite being inspired by men, today there are various models that make them ideal for women.

The first thing to consider is the material they are made of shoes, so that you can easily combine the shoes on what occasions and use.

For example, if the shoes are shiny leather and neutral colors, you will obviously for formal attire, while the most striking color models are ideal for informal and relaxed looks.

Oxford shoes for work

Oxford shoes are the perfect complement to any outfit work, especially if you’re a fan of the costumes, this shoe looks great with skinny jeans and a jacket. For the more daring, you can combine a pair of Oxford shoes with a dress or skirt.

To keep the female with this combination, you should never miss the jewelry and soft makeup that is right for the job.

Oxford shoes for casual wear

The Oxford style shoes or pastel pattern are perfect with a casual dress. In this case the options are almost endless and it all depends on how comfortable you feel with the entire outfit.
Oxford shoes are the perfect complement to any outfit work
You can combine these shoes with loose skirts, dresses and pants. If you like to use jeans, with this type of shoes you have an original look and comfortable. Ideally, some of the clothes have a pattern for Oxford shoes help to highlight the design of other garments.

One of the most striking casual dressing with this type of shoes is the romantic look: accompanies your Oxford with a floral print skirt, a white blouse with delicate details, a belt to help make a silhouette, a vintage jacket and a portfolio small.

Do you like Oxford shoes? Do use it?

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