The perfect diet to fight the summer heat

This summer is being one of the hottest in recent years. With the high temperatures, sometimes, it is not eat well and it is difficult to follow the diet because either it is not hungry and skip meals to later take more amount of food than it should or it is chosen to ingest those that contribute more Energy and also calories, to alleviate that generalized fatigue you feel. However, heat and diet are not at odds. Quite the opposite because with a good diet, adapted to this time of year, you can keep the scale at bay and lower your body temperature to feel fresher.

The hydration of the body is not only done by the drinks nor the regulation of the temperature


It is always important to ensure that the body is perfectly hydrated and, in summer, much more. For this reason, one of the first guidelines to follow is to drink water because, in addition to moisturizing the body, it helps to balance the body temperature. To achieve this goal, best to take it at room temperature to cool.

Apart from water, you can take other drinks like infusions , which can be taken with ice , but not too cold, or hot . And is that the hot drinks help to release the heat of the suffocating body and to counteract the effects of the high temperatures. For example, a good choice is tea.

And finally, other alternatives, although they must be taken more occasionally , are beer and wine – they can be mixed with soda -, which help to refresh the body. Be very careful with them if you want to lose weight.


The hydration of the body is not only done by the drinks nor the regulation of the temperature. Food is another perfect alliance. At this time of year, the consumption of fruits and vegetables such as celery, watermelon, peach, melon, apricot and cucumber should be given priority because they contribute water to the body.

The whole grains are also helpful because they have an important contribution magnesium, which helps restore energy after sweating. And, when it comes to seasoning meals, it is good to use spices like pepper because they regulate body temperature.