Perfumes to give away in Christmas and Holidays

Each year so many types and fragrances of perfumes are released. Some of them are new or renewed versions of those that have become almost a classic. Some developments are often a good choice for gifts at Christmas. Here is a selection of the past that have been presented to you type Santa Claus or the Three Kings, who already have little to receive your visit.

Floral perfumes

Most of the innovations that have been released in perfumes for women are part of the group of floral fragrances. They come in different brands and in some of them, the recommendation is twofold. For example, Calvin Klein is a good choice Eternity Summer 2014 , while Burberry has launched My Burberry . Bulgari is one of the brands of high perfumery which has launched developments. His proposal is Omnia Indian Garnet.

we pick the best aftershaves and perfumes to keen men smelling good this Christmas

Dior is another brand that has double novelty. One is a new version of its now legendary Miss Dior. It’s called Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet . The other is also another version. In this case, Dior Addict. The novelty is marketed under the name of Dior Addict Eau de Toilette .

When shopping for a perfume sure you get surprised by such exorbitant prices that have some jars. Luckily, there are usually testers in these stores to check before buying a fragrance smells as if really you like.

Do not confuse cheap perfumes that are of low quality with cheap perfumes, reduced odor, but a high category. Just because a perfume is cheap does not mean it’s good category. Perhaps what we’re buying is an offer of the same product. Here we suggest some perfume at a great price.

Very fresh and floral fragrance

If what you’re looking for a floral fragrance and very fresh, we recommend you’ll probably go for lavender water. This fragrance transports you to the soothing lavender fields and 125 ml. They cost about 26 euros.

Escada Paradise is a very limited fragrance which originated this year, so it is a very innovative product. This perfume, which only costs 25 euros, came as an invitation to escape from everyday reality and travel to paradise. Its fragrance is a fusion of exotic fruits and sensual scents.

From the most popular brands

And believe it or not, the most famous brands of perfumes perfume also have very affordable prices. It is the case of the colony of LancĂ´me Miracle. It is a fruity essence thanks to the juicy pulp of lychee and strawberry petals. For less than 40 euros you can buy in any perfumery.

Perfumes and fragrances are a great gift to give this Christmas. Every girl always loves to receive perfume as a present, so make her Christmas extra special

And the last perfume that we suggest is Hugo Boss. Boss Femme , so called, is dedicated to the romantic woman. And it combines the fruity aromas scented jasmine. A delight for the senses. It costs 30 euros.

Also floral, but with some nuances, you can find other fragrances. For example, Cacharel Anais Anais renews with Premiere Delice , which has a fruity touch.