Permanent Nail Polish, always perfect hands

Permanent Nail Polish, always perfect hands

If you like to have the manicure impeccable, the nail permanently helps you can wear bright colors easily without degrading.

Last season we saw that vibrant colors nail polish have become fashionable: red and black are the wild cards, but also imposed the coral, chocolate, fuchsia, and even some such as turquoise or yellow. The disadvantage with these colors is that they deteriorate easily, and the slightest touch is noted when the coating cracks.

Permanent Nail Polish, always perfect hands

To avoid this mishap and to perform all daily tasks without hand care too much, is that there are new permanent enamels.

In fact, new formulas are long lasting, with some elasticity to allow the nails to grow and adapt to them, without noting the part of a new unpainted.

With a duration of up to three weeks, applies similarly to the conventional enamel, nail shaping, application base and strengthening, and two coats of paint, letting dry well between them.

The nail polish has permanent textured gels that adapts to the growth of the nail and cover the unpainted, without noticeable sight.


On the downside, this type of manicure products takes longer to dry. It may take up to half an hour for a total drying. To accelerate this process, the solution is to put your hands after a few minutes under running cold water or rub an ice cube. What not to do with this painting ever is closer to a heat source such as a hairdryer.


The ice cube trick also serves to any common nail, always will dry much faster and avoid leaving marks by rubbing the paint to lift or crack.


A good trick to seal the tip if you undertake the task of painting the nails, either permanent enamel or otherwise, is to give a few touches on the edge of the nail, i.e. the thickness, so that the paint not likely to rise to friction – which are more common in the tips of the fingers.


This product, despite being long-term, takes off like the others: with a good nail polish remover, but you must ensure that it is not acetone.

Another trick to help nails to be strengthened and the glaze is lifted less, and to have well-nourished nails, apply a good base upon some oil: it can be olive, almond oil or any protein for which are marketed.


And, use rubber gloves for all tasks of the home in which you are in contact with cleaning products like laundry detergent and other, as for gardening: in addition to intact enamel have soft and beautiful hands.