Pink blonde hair, tips for choosing the right shade

The color of pink blonde hair is becoming more fashionable, this is because it is a super fun tone and highlight the best of both colors, creating a bright and youthful style that is unusual enough to attract attention.

It is also an excellent choice for blond women who want to innovate without having to fall into darker shades, since the pink fades very well when you stop applying it. Brunettes can also find in this style a good way to renew their image, but to achieve the expected result requires a little more work of the stylist.

Pink blonde hair, tips for choosing the right shades

Another advantage of the rosy blond color is that it combines very well with different skin tones, although the pink color is cooler than the blond, together they look great on light, golden and brown skins. They also blend very well with other natural hair colors, such as chestnut, dark chestnut, and even ash.

Tips for choosing the best style of pink blonde

  • Pink peach and hot blonde: looks great on women who have skin with warm nuances, but can also be a sit in the colder complexion.
  • Lavender pink and ash blond: this fresh pink is perfect for women who want a mane in natural tonality, without golden flashes. It is ideal for natural blondes.
  • Balayage with highlights in pink: this style of dye is more natural than a ombre, it does not damage the scalp or roots and allows to space the time between each dye. It is the perfect choice for women who have darker hair and should avoid discoloration in a row.


Maintenance of the pink blonde

To keep pink blonde hair bright and beautiful for longer, you need to:

  • Using a sulfate-free shampoo helps preserve hair tone.
  • Avoid frequent washing by keeping roots clean with a dry shampoo.
  • Wear nourishing masks regularly.

Avoid using hot styling tools that can severely damage bleached hair. In case of being indispensable the ideal is to opt for the dryer instead of the iron of the hair, and always to use a spray of thermal protection.

The pink blond is not friendly to swimming pools with chlorinated water, this alters the color remarkably.