How To Match Plaid Shirts for Sexy Look

Plaid shirts are a basic garment that should not be missing in any wardrobe, whether you are a man or a woman. The plaid shirts, a classic revisited in many ways and repeated every season with special additions and innovations that make it from time to time always different and stylish. It is the versatile garment par excellence, since it lends itself to many combinations and allows combinations virtually endless. If for the summer just around the corner you are looking for some tantalizing idea to renew your look, here are some suggestions on how to pair your plaid shirt.

A combination sporty between jeans and plaid shirt

When you think of a large plaid shirt, like “lumberjack” so to speak, by association of ideas, the first approach that comes to mind is the one with the jeans, very classic, but far from trivial, because, with a little fantasy, lends itself to a thousand interpretations. Ragged, linear, washed, faded, dark, with applications, fringed, in practice there is a type of jeans, pants from the jacket, not located perfectly at ease with a nice plaid shirt, but if you want to renew and rejuvenate this coupled timeless, you only have to play with accessories and plug, on the whole, heads the opposite effect.

Some examples
A combination sporty between jeans and plaid shirt, turns into something certainly unusual with the addition of a pearl necklace (as well as earrings and ring), or a brilliant rhinestone belt, or again, a couple of very feminine neckline with vertiginous heels. If you dare to combine a checkered shirt lace top, or maybe a lace skirt with strategic transparencies, you will get a mix-style bold and very personal.

The big plaid shirt creates a nice contrast even when combined with heads of strict line or from the very bon ton, try it on a simple and austere skirt tube, a pleated skirt like “nice”, a classic pant on a longuette fluid, with a suit to the office or under a jacket tailored and you will see results!

Try plaid shirt on a simple and austere skirt tube

The big plaid jacket goes great with the skin (perfect under a “nail”, the typical biker jacket) and why not? Used as a cover-up for going to the beach, of course with slippers and travel bags that take up again the color.

The jacket into small squares, in addition to sporting matches, is also suited to formal and elegant occasions, in both cases, if you want to revive your look, you can try your hand at matching “risky”, for example combining it with other patterns such as flowers or lines, but try to mix everything with sobriety and measure, in order to avoid exaggerated!