Practical Makeup Tips for Rainy Days

When the day is clear, what we usually worry most women it is the hair but also make it. Once you tamed frizz or choose the right hairstyle, adapt routine makeup in order to cope with high humidity.

In this post I give you some tips so you can assemble the right makeup for rainy days and splendid see more humidity there.

Weather-Proof Beauty Products for Rainy Days

Hydrate properly

Use a heavy moisturizer it is not ideal when the weather is very humid, instead we must choose a light moisturizer and, if possible, with matting effect. At night, before going to sleep, if you can using the usual cream.


The foundation needs a good first to last longer. Also you can use a good first eye and thus make the shadows do not change with the humidity. Even if makeup products used to waterproof the first is still needed.

Avoid heavy foundation

The base used heavy makeup is the worst choice for rainy days. It is best to use a lighter and use a touch of highlighter powder to fix well.

Go for a matte finish

No need to use illuminating powders when there is no sun, instead need only translucent powder and carry in your bag some blotters for controlling the brightness of the skin.

Blend well

To get a flawless finish, blur is very important, especially with a humid climate. It is best to use the latex sponges because they offer a better finish than using fingers or brush.


Both mascara and eyeliner have to be waterproof, so they can remain intact throughout the day.
If your eyes get wet, never remembers rub instead let him dry or air dry gently with a cloth to prevent smearing.


Never opt for the gloss these days, but a matte lipstick or long-lasting finish. You can use a lip liner to help the color last longer.

Choose cream products

Makeup for rainy days has to be in cream or gel, to avoid being splashed with water, smudging as do those who are in dust.